Bigbubbleman at birthday parties

I can use most outdoor spaces, from large fields to tiny gardens. Phone or email me for advice.
If the weather forecast is terrible, you can cancel outdoor party bookings at no charge provided you give me at least 24 hours notice. An ideal venue has opportunities for outdoors and indoors activities. If rain is forecast, you can instead arrange the day before for me to bring indoor stuff, like my wonderful 'Kid-In-Bubble' apparatus, science experiments, paper-folding activities, my elastic-powered paper-plane catapults and my paper-rockets-launcher.
You might also like to talk to me about an indoor or outdoor 'science party', drawing on my years of experience as an internationally well-known 
presenter of educational science shows around the world:


GUIDE PRICES, based on a ‘typical’ two-hours birthday party for up to 35 children.
Check distance using Distance from New Mills (SK22), High Peak, Derbyshire….
  • …less than 30 miles: £200 - £250
  • …between 30 and 40 miles: £250 - £300
  • …between 40 and 50 miles: £300 - £350
  • …over 50 miles: contact me to discuss. (I have previously taken my bubbles to events as far as Novosibirsk, Siberia…!)
(I am not available for birthday parties at these prices on Saturdays or Sundays in July and August, because then I am likely to be busy with large public events.)

Booking requests, by email to To avoid me coming back to you with questions, please include the following information:
  • The date of the event
  • The address of the event
  • The times the event will start and end
  • The (approximate) age-range and number of children
  • A contact name and phone number, preferable a mobile phone
I shall reply, confirming if available and quoting the fee. The booking will be completed when you email me again, confirming the fee.
For outdoor events, if the weather forecast is clearly too wet or windy for outdoor bubble activities, I will accept your cancellation with no obligation to pay, on condition that you inform me no less than 24 hours in advance. Alternatively, we could discuss various indoor options.


Although I shall be fully vigilant for hazards and dangerous behaviour, I accept no responsibility for the care or supervision of children. It is the event organiser’s responsibility to ensure that enough responsible adults are present and that they are constantly attending to the supervision of the children. If children appear to be inadequately supervised, I shall immediately stop and ask their carers or the event organizer to put this right before continuing the activity.
I shall comply with all child protection guidelines made known to me by the event organizer.
I recommend that you discuss details of the event with me in advance by phone so that we can sensibly assess risks together.
Written risk assessments and details of my Public Liability insurance are available on request.