I am the Big Bubble Man...

I am also Ian Russell, a professional science communicator, inventor and designer. For years I have studied how best to infect people with my contagious delight in phenomena, to engage them with science, to encourage their curiosity and creativity and to enrich their lives.

I have discovered a wonderful way.

Bubbles. The interplay of liquid surface-tension forces and complex air currents, plus the beauty of rainbow colours due to light-waves reflected from both sides of a layer of water as microscopically thin as a bacterium.

Nothing else can attract a crowd so quickly, send children into such an ecstatic frenzy, or put such dopey smiles on grown-ups' faces.

I am based in the North Derbyshire Peak District, between Manchester and Buxton, but am willing to travel. (In recent years I have 'painted the air' with my bubbles in Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Norway, Malta, South Africa and Russia.)

Please get in touch to discuss how I can arrange a special event for you, or bring my irresistibly awesome bubble-magic to whatever occasion you are planning.